Best Bait for Fishing Carp

Carp are well known as the fish that “eats everything.” While that may be to true to a point, they can be very picky fish. Finding best bait for fishing carp┬ácan be difficult because carp simply lose interest in over-used bait. Carp will eventually grow wary of a certain type of bait or even ignore a certain bait. One way to get around this is simply use any proven best bait for fishing carp that looks and tastes different from what everyone is using. For example, if everyone is using regular dough balls, carp will be more attracted to bait such as sour dough balls. Vibrant colors and sweet flavors will improve your chance of having the best bait for fishing carp.

Simply put, the best bait for fishing carp is a combination and variety of well known carp baits – such as canned corn, dough balls, cornmeal, chicken liver, hot dogs, and bacon. Just remember to be creative and don’t use what everyone else is using. Keep in mind carp have been proven to go for strong flavors such as vanilla extract, anise extract, curry powder and garlic.

  • Dough Balls – Carp love dough balls. They are considered the best bait for fishing carp. You can make these balls or buy them from a local fish store. Below is a recipe for making your own.

How to make dough balls (The Best Bait For Fishing carp):


1 cup flour
1 cup yellow cornmeal
1 teaspoon sugar
1 quart water
1 cup molasses

Mix the flour, cornmeal and sugar. Add water slowly until it makes a heavy thick dough. Roll them into 1 inch balls. Mix the remaining water and molasses and put it in
a pan. Add garlic to the pan. Bring pan to a boil. Drop in dough balls, cook for 2-3 minutes.

  • Chicken Liver – Very popular among catfish and carp. You can directly insert the liver onto a hook or “spice” up the liver making it the second best bait for fishing carp. Below is a recipe.

How to make custom Chicken Liver Bait ( Recipe):


Chicken Liver
1lb grit
Anise powder

Put the grits into a bowl, blend the liver with anise powder. Add the blended liver to the grits until you get a thick consistency.

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