Best Bait for Fishing Bass

Bass, one of America’s most popular freshwater fish, for many reasons are a huge part of the fishing game. Everyone loves fishing bass, and especially catching a big one. Bass are very optimistic feeders and they will eat anything from amphibians to small mammals. This doesn’t mean it’s smart to fish bass with any type of bait. Finding the right bait is very important, we provide you with high quality information that we have gathered over time reading reviews, talking with professionals ect. Although many professional fishermen have different best baits, some are more optimal than others. Based on this, the best bait for fishing bass is often highly opinionated by fishers. You can use a wide variety of baits to get optimal results. However, there is a few baits that will allow you to catch more bass.

Best Bait for Fishing Bass #1

Chatterbait – The chatterbait is considered our best bait for fishing bass. It’s fairly new to the bass fishing scene, but has become very popular in recent fishing tournaments, and for obvious reasons. It catches bass, big ones. The chatterbait is considered a cross hybrid of a buzzbait and a jig. It has a high vibration rate compared to other baits. The hook is always pointing up – making it almost snag free. Many fishers report they have caught more bass on this lure than any other baits making it our #1 Best Bait For fishing Bass.

Recommended Buy: We highly recommend using this 26 piece chatterbait kit. The kit has everything you need for fishing bass, large-mouth, small-mouth any type of bass, you are covered with the kit. We have personally found this kit a very good value and would recommend it to anyone who wants to catch bass!

26 Piece Chatterbait Kit


Best Bait For Fishing Bass #2

Spinner Baits – The spinnerbait is one of the most used baits for fishing bass, but for a good reason. It’s very similar to the chatterbait but not as advanced. It’s a great all-around bait for predatory fish, there is a wide-selection of spinner baits available so we will show you what seems to work best when fishing bass.


Recommended Buy: Strike King Bleeding Bait – One of the most highly rated spinnerbaits on the market. Professional fishermen love this lure! It’s a high quality and tough built spinnerbait that will catch you something!

Spinnerbait for Bass


Recommended Buy: The Booyah Double Willow – Many fishermen believe that flash is every bit as important as vibration for producing a reaction strike. Few spinnerbaits on the market today produce as much flash as the Counter Strike. It has counter rotating blades to provide a great look and vibration. Equipped with a 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt and a Mustad Ultra Point hook.

Booyah Double Willow



Best Bait For Fishing Bass

Tube BaitThis is definitely one of the most all-purpose bass baits on the market. You can catch large/small mouth bass in any water condition! You simply cannot go wrong with using a tube bait.


Recommended Buy: The Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly Pro Tube – A hollow belly makes it have a nice natural feel, unlike other tube baits. It’s clear and magnifies an bass, and has a powerbait scent that will attract fish, bass and others.

Berkley Powerbait Hollow Bellow Pro Tube

Recommended Buy: The Strike King Slab Hammer Tooty Fruity Tube – A highly rated tube bait that has four unique colors giving it a better and realistic color in water. Each tube contains a heavy amount of salt to help fish hold on longer. This is a great soft plastic bait for all your bass, crappie and panfish needs. The Tooty Fruity tubes are all created with a unique 4 color process to give better and more realistic colors in the water. Each tube contains a heavy salt content to help fish hold on longer.

Strike King Slab Hammer Tooty Fruity Tube


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Best Bait for Fishing Bass: Tips

You should have good results with any of the above baits, just make sure you are fishing with them correctly. The most common mistake while using these types of baits is scaring away the bass on the inital cast. For example, a long hard falling cast is the same as throwing a rock in the water, thus scaring away any bass. It is best to try to make your bait glide 3-4 before gently touching the surface of the water.

Bass will mostly be caught during daylight hours. They are considered to be a predatory fish, meaning they will hide and ambush their food. Keep this in mind when fishing, if you can find a spot that looks like it would provide cover for a bass, there most likely is a bass nearby. Bass will tend to be deep into the water during a hot day. During cloudy days fish in shallow water. If the water is cold, reel in slow. Winter bass fishing can be tough since they tend to be inactive predators.

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